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Advice & Project Work

Prism Cosec can assist in the development of governance systems to deliver the continuing obligations of the FSA (UKLA) Listing Rules, the Disclosure and Transparency Rules, the UK Corporate Governance  Code and the Companies Act 2006. Services include:

  • developing and implementing disclosure procedures and associated communications policy;
  • creation and ongoing maintenance of the Insider List, Insider letters and associated management systems;
  • developing and maintaining share dealing codes; and
  • advising on and developing processes for monitoring significant and related party transactions.

Increased focus on risk management, accountability and Board performance means that maintaining compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code has never been more important. Prism Cosec can reduce the associated business risk for companies by:

  • carrying out a review of its corporate governance strategy;
  • managing the change process to bring its governance practices in line with best practice;
  • managing Board/committee evaluation processes; and
  • developing and refining governance policies and procedures.